The Board of Trustees voted at their January 2004 Board Meeting to change the hours of water restrictions.  The old hours were Noon to 6 p.m. everyday year round.

The new hours will be One p.m. to Five p.m. every day year round.

Please check this page regularly to see if there are other changes.  This page will also have information on water meter discussions. 

Bob Spellberg, District Manager


Water Meter Program

October 4, 2013


The Board of Trustees voted at their May, 2004 Board of Trustees meeting to create a water meter program.  The program started with a pilot program.  The program started by adding software and hardware to District billing software to enable the District to read meters using the radio read method.  The District will change existing residential and commercial customers on meters to the radio read system.  The District also added radio read meters to approximately four hundred homes and read them monthly.  Customers were not be charged on a meter basis, this was only a study.  The pilot study took one year.  From the study the District evaluated its rate schedule to see if adjustments are need and will discuss the study in the fall of 2006 at a Board of Trustees Meeting.   The water meter pilot study was accepted in March of 2006. Ten years after the pilot program was accepted the clock started ticking , after the ten year period is over, all customers of the District will be charged based on the amount of water they use.

The Board decided that any home that changes ownership, or has new construction  that will affect the use of water, will go on meter.  New construction will purchase a meter.  Any existing home on the system that changes hands will have a meter added at no cost. to the new homeowner.    Any questions regarding the new program should be addressed to Bob Spellberg, District Manager 265-2048.

The District Board of Trustees has voted to require all water meters, accessories, and labor will now be paid for by the property owner. This method will stall any rate hikes required to pay for meters in the future. A reminder that all homes within the District will be required to be on water meter by March 2017.



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