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The Gardnerville Ranchos General Improvement District started a weed control program ten years ago.  The program is required to kill noxious weeds as identified by the State and Douglas County.  The program started as spraying for weeds in the shoulders of the non curb and gutter area.  The program then expanded to spraying open spaces, retention and detention ponds and controlling the weeds and grass that grows between the asphalt and curb and gutter.  The program has been effective but noxious  weeds growing on private property continue to bloom and cause problems not only for the District  but also for Douglas County who owns Aspen Park and the open areas around the park.  The District like Douglas County offers a weed spraying program for private property.  The District or its designee will spray weeds on private property for the cost of time and materials.  Yards will only be sprayed with the permission in writing of the property owner and after signing a hold harmless protecting the District from liability.  Please call the District at 265-2048 for more information on the spraying program.  If you would like to know more about noxious weeds please contact the County Co-Operative Extension Office in Gardnerville located across from Lampe Park. 


Update: April 2013: The District has contracted with Douglas County to perform weed spraying within District boundaries. The District feels it will lessen its liability to have someone else be responsible for spraying weeds. You may still call the District and set up a time for weed spraying on your property.